Odyssey of Your Soul

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Odysseus’ voyage is much more than a tale of monsters, enchantresses and mythical gods. It is symbolic of our own voyage through life and our efforts to navigate its turbulent waters and explore its uncharted islands. Odyssey of Your Soul is your invitation to become the hero you are meant to be.

This is your story. Live it!

Practical and thought-provoking
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This book takes the lessons from Homer’s Odyssey and applies the principles learned by the main character, Odysseus, to modern times. Prophet took me on a journey though Odysseus’ trials and at the end of each ‘episode’ there were lists of traits that are under the headings, ‘Strengths’ and ‘Weaknesses’ as well as questions to answer to further gain insight into the areas of my life that are good and areas that need to be addressed. Then, she offered winning strategies that corresponded with the chapter as well as a section entitled ‘Where am I going?’ that helped me to hone practical ways of incorporating the lessons learned.

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