The Lost Teachings of Jesus

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In their landmark series The Lost Teachings of Jesus, the Prophets fill in the gaps with a bold reconstruction of the essence of Jesus’ message. They unfold the lost teachings Jesus gave in public to the multitudes and those given in secret to his closest disciples. Find the answers to questions that have puzzled Bible readers for centuries.

While the words and images may not be those Christ used two thousand years ago, you will find the heart of the message he imparted.

Topics include:

  • Externalizing Your Divine Self
  • Religion and Man’s Struggle to Reach God
  • The Question of Reincarnation
  • Christ, the Perfect Design
  • The Mysteries of God Revealed to the Prophets
  • The Brotherhood and the Path of Initiation
  • Karma, Past Lives, and Right Choices
  • Positive and Negative Momentums