Karma and Reincarnation

Transcending Your Past, Transforming Your Future.

The word karma has made it into the mainstream.
However, not everyone knows what it really means or how to deal with it.
In Karma and Reincarnation you learn about group karma, what you do between lives, and what the great lights of East and West, including Jesus, have to say about karma and reincarnation.This insightful book helps you come to grips with karmic connections from past lives that have helped create the circumstances of your life today.


The Missing Link In Christianity

A long time ago the Christians, who lived closer to the time of Jesus, believed in reincarnation. In this ground-breaking work, Elizabeth Clare Prophet makes the case that Jesus taught reincarnation! She traces the history of reincarnation in Christianity – from Jesus and the early Christians through Church councils and the persecution of so-called heretics. Using the latest scholarship and evidence from the Dead Sea scrolls and Gnostic texts, this book shows that Jesus was a mystic who taught that our destiny is to unite with the God within.

The Masters and Their Retreats

An Encyclopedia of the Ascended Masters

The Masters and Their Retreats is a complete guide to the ascended masters, their lifetimes and the retreats of the mystical Great White Brotherhood.

A “must-have” resource for serious students of the mystical paths of the world’s religions!

The Lost Teachings of Jesus

Missing Texts: Karma and Reincarnation

Explore unmistakable evidence that many of the lost teachings of Jesus were altered, deleted or never recorded.Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet prove that many of Jesus’ original teachings are missing. They show that the New Testament records only a fragment of what Jesus taught. And that what was written down was tampered with by numerous editors. Or suppressed by “guardians of the faith.”

The Lost Years of Jesus

Documentary Evidence of Jesus’ 17-Year Journey to the East

Where was Jesus during the “lost years”— the ages 12 to 29 that are unaccounted for in the Bible? Ancient texts in a Himalayan monastery reveal that Jesus traveled to India, Nepal, Ladakh and Tibet as both student and teacher. Now you can find out what Jesus said and did prior to his Palestinian mission. In The Lost Years of Jesus, Elizabeth Clare Prophet gathers four eyewitness accounts of the existence of these scrolls, plus three translations recounting those lost years.

The Story of Your Soul

Recovering the Pearl of Your True Identity

The soul…a pearl cast into the sea of the material universe. To go after that pearl and recover your true identity is the goal of life. How? By awakening and overcoming. Pursue the “Who am I?” path with your soul’s divine potential, free will and karma, reincarnation…


Key to Your Inner Power

Mystics are adventurers of the spirit. They dare to push beyond the boundaries of orthodox tradition to pursue a common goal—the direct experience of God. And they teach that while you may seek him in temple or mosque or church, you must ultimately find him in your heart. Kabbalah: Key to Your Inner Power explores the once-secret Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah. With intriguing new perspectives, Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows how we can use Kabbalah’s extraordinary revelations about the creation of the universe, our relationship to God and our purpose in life to unlock our own spiritual power.

Talk with Angels

How to Work with Angels of Light for Guidance, Comfort and Healing

Talk with Angels introduces the seven archangels and powerful prayers for their help including the familiar St. Michael the Archangel, Archangels Raphael and Gabriel, and the guardian angels. Find out about the archangels of peace, forgiveness, wisdom, love, joy, and even success. Majestic beings of light and love, angels await your prayer for their help in matters great and small. When facing insurmountable problems on a world scale, there are angels on call. Or do you need to comfort a child, help the healing of a loved one, or find the perfect job? Angels are there, 24/7!

Fallen Angels

And The Origins of Evil

Did fallen angels take on human bodies to fulfill their lust for the “daughters of men”? Did these rebel angels lead men astray with “divide and conquer” tactics and teach them to build weapons of war? That is the premise of the Book of Enoch, a text cherished by the Essenes, early Jews and Christians. After the time of Jesus it was condemned by both rabbis and Church Fathers. Why?

How to Work with Your Chakras

The Missing Dimension In Well-Being

What your are chakras? What is your aura? Why are these important to you? There’s more to you than meets the eye…
Your Seven Energy Centers by Elizabeth Clare Prophet contains powerful insights and tools for wholeness based on the science of the body’s subtle energy system – your aura and chakras.

Violet Flame

To Heal Body, Mind, and Soul

The Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind & Soul pocket guide is a perennial best-seller. With stories and science, it describes what is the violet flame and how to use this high-frequency, spiritual energy. Utilizing the power of sound in I AM affirmations and great violet fire visualizations, you can increase your vitality, overcome blocks to healing, finally let go of records of trauma and create positive change in your personal life – plus leverage your light work and change the planet!

Access the Power
of Your Higher Self

Your Source of Inner Guidance
and Spiritual Transformation

Explore the inner dimensions of the Higher Self. Also known as your divine Self, your Real Self, it is that spiritual presence that abides within you. Bring a greater level of Reality into your life by developing your close working relationship with Spirit. Access The Power Of Your Higher Self by Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives you practical spiritual steps to connect with the Higher Self.

The Human Aura

How to Activate and energize
Your Aura and Chakras

Your aura is part of your spiritual body – potentially a powerful transmitter of the spiritual light. Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, adepts of the Himalayas, bring you the ancient wisdom of the aura known and used for thousands of years in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. This is a practical approach to how you can clear your aura and your chakras, and how to use your aura to better your world. Accelerate your spiritual journey.

Violet Flame

Alchemy for Personal Change

Spiritual pioneer Elizabeth Clare Prophet unlocks practical spiritual ways to use violet flame mantras, visualizations and meditations to change your life. The use of violet flame I AM affirmations helps dissolve negative energy and restore your natural positive energy. It is a missing key to your vitality, health, and inner wholeness.

Saint Germain On Alchemy

Formulas for Self-Transformation

Saint Germain On Alchemy shows you the deceptively simple steps of spiritual alchemy that can create miracles in your life! Want to affect your health, wealth and peace of mind? Saint Germain reveals the principles of alchemy, the use of violet flame mantras and visualizations, and how to effectively use them.

Soul Mates and Twin Flames

The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships

Practical spirituality applied to soul mates, twin flames and karma relationships. Develop deep and lasting relationships from the heart. Learn the difference between:soul mates (drawn together to fulfill a specific mission)
twin flames (that one-and-only divine partner), and karmic partners.

Finding a Higher Love

A Spiritual Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships

We’re all looking for that special someone. But our expectations for love and relationships are often based on notions of romantic love we’ve seen in movies and the media.

We start to believe that if our relationship or marriage is not blissfully out of this world and doesn’t perfectly fulfill all of our needs, there must be something terribly wrong.

Alchemy of the Heart

How to Give and Receive More Love

Find out how yow you can soften and strengthen the heart to create more meaningful relationships in all areas of your life.

Though painful, even the most intense lessons of love—if we are willing to learn from them—can be the open door to a higher love and loving.

Alchemy of the Heart is filled with spiritual wisdom for your personal journey of the heart.